"Holistic Natural Products"

Holistic Family and Pets is dedicated to upholding people’s integrity and addressing their needs with natural insect repellent and pet empowerment products. We are fully committed to creating products that transform animals’ and people’s lives for inspired healthy green living. The vision behind the technology has been and will always be – helping families and pets. Over the past years we have come across many unique scientific wonders, which we have incorporated into our techniques and technology. Holistic Family and Pets is very blessed and grateful that we can share the science and technology contained within our products.

The Holistic Flea and Tick Collar is recommended by Dr. Steven Blake the Pet Whisperer, Dr. Diane Smith, Dr. Alex Vernick, Dr. Patricia Jordan, Dr. Susan Maier, Dr. Modglin and many other Holistic Veterinarians. Our products are sold in pet health stores and pet groomers around the world. Holistic Family and Pets voted the BEST for nature’s protection on best organic and non-toxic flea and tick pet collar by Veterinary Answers

Please send us a email at our labortory medipatchlabs@gmail.com for any questions on our products. Email is on the left side bar.