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Q. How many collars can I order at one time?

A. As many as you need. Just email  us at HolisticFamilyandPets@gmail.com for orders over (12) wholesale pricing.

Q. Where do we ship to?

A. Worldwide. Holistic Family and Pets mail all products by United States Office First Class with tracking number. Questions regarding shipping contact us (508) 224-2722.

Q. What ingredients are in these collars?

A. All natural holistic Herbal ingredients: Calendula, Cayenne, Cinnamon, White Pine, Aloe, Vitamin E, Graphite's, Berberis, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Ginseng and Astralagus.

Q. How long do the collars last?

A. (3) months. They are made from a natural blend of ingredients which work collectively to create a protective barrier to fleas and ticks as well as immune builder. Owners claim the collars help to prevent itching, scratching, give their pet’s glossy coats, help strengthen their immune systems, improve stamina, emotionally stronger, increase health levels and accelerate the natural healing process.

Q. My pet is allergic to lots of things, is there a chance they could be allergic to these collars?

A.  If your pet is very sensitive to allergy's please consult a Veterinarian before placing the collar on your pet. If you have concerns place the collar on the pets bedding for (72) hours.  

Q. How long does it take for the collars to start working, repelling fleas and ticks? 

A. Anywhere from immediately up to (1-3) weeks depending on the pet immune system. Natural ingredients start immediately and develop more over two weeks period.   

Q. What about refunds?

A. We have been selling these collars for (30) years and we get less than .01% returned. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please return the collar. Return product and refund will only happen within (30) days of purchase.

Q. How long does a spare collar last?

A. The best way to keep a second collar fresh like new would be to wrapped in foil and place it in a bureau or drawer and it will keep for (3) months.

Q. Can I get these collars wet?

A. Yes, the collar may get wet every day. If, collar gets dirty, wash it and it will be just as powerful as the first day you got the collar. Don't place the collar into a dryer. Take off before bathing the pet.

Q. Does the Velcro and Buckle collars have the safety break-a-way feature?

A. Yes, both types easily detach by the over-lap set by owner when fitting to the pet. Excess collar material can be trimmed or left on. The break-a-way tabs can also be cut to lower the resistance for breaking away and giving a greater safety. All collar have a break away safety function.

Q. Can my pets share the collars?

A. No, the collar can only be used on one pet at a time because it synchronizes with the pet’s physical body and works directly improving a healthy immune system. Each pet in the household will require its own collar.

Q. My pet has mirochip will this harm the collar?

A. If, your pet has a microchip, it will not harm the collar.

Q. How to store away the collar and keep the remedies fresh?

A. Place or store the collar away from strong electric objects, Micro waves, WiFi, Electrical currents and computers, as these may neutralize out its remedy effectiveness.

Care and Use Guides and Refunds

Inside each package, we provide a brochure to explain the proper method of product directions. Keep the product wrapped in the foil package, for remedy protection. There is a (3) months shelf life on foil wrapped products. If, your pet is in excellent health, the natural energy field to create a frequency barrier against unwanted insects will work very well.

Holistic Family and Pets www.HolisticFamilyandPets.com values your business and is dedicated to providing you, your family and your animals the best possible experience of our products. Celebrating (30) years anniversary in pet health and wellness is a significant landmark. We are extremely proud of our success. We wish to thank our clients and pets for their loyalty over the last (30) years and look forward to the next (30) years in the natural pet services.

If you are not satisfied with your Holistic Family and Pets product, you may return the product within thirty (30) days of purchase.

When returning a product, include:
Your name, email address, mailing address and the product you wish to return for refund or exchange.

Please send the information and product to our address:
Holistic Family and Pets
36 Beach Street
Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

Your return will be processed immediately for a refund or exchange. Refunds will be credited to the method of payment used at the time of purchase. Residents from other countries should return their product directly to the above address for an exchange or refund. Once we have received all of the required information and your defective product, Holistic Family and Pets will process your exchange immediately.


Voted number one for nature's protection on best organic and non-toxic dog and cat flea and tick collars by Veterinary Answers.

Sophie Uliano is a health-beauty icon and best-selling author. In her book, Gorgeously Green, www.HolisticFamilyandPets.com products are recommended to her readers.

By Dr. Stephen Blake the Pet Whisper,” I have found that many of my clients who live in tick-infested areas of the country have had great luck with natural flea and tick collars from Holistic Family and Pets collars. Within three days the tick population was reduced by 90% with no toxins. It is also very effective against fleas as well. The company has devised a holistic approach which combines a natural blend: Calendula, Cayenne, Cinnamon, White Pine, Aloe, Vitamin E, Graphite's, Berberis, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Ginseng and Astralagus. Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie love this product. Safe and effective.”  

“As the owner of a natural pet food and supply store, I can heartily recommend the Holistic Family and Pets flea and tick collars. We have sold them for over (15) years and our customers constantly tell us how effective they are without using any harmful pesticides or toxic ingredients”, Carol Brown, Pawsitively Natural, Humarock, Ma  

“I wouldn't dream of using anything like this on my pets and there is a wonderful healthy alternative which can be found at www.HolisticFamilyandPets.com I highly recommend these holistic collars and get lots of positive feedback from those who are using them. The collars are infused with a natural blend of herbal ingredients which not only repel fleas & ticks, but also build up the immune system, and my clients have reported that their pets have less skin irritations, glossier coats, improved stamina and increased energy levels. The collars have no odor,” by Pet Patrol.

I have used the first couple of packs I bought and now want to be sure all my pups have them on as well. They are working and I am pleased. I really should order in bulk. :+) I do love how they stay on. We open our pool up as my adults love to swim and dive for balls! I am recommending these collars to many of my pet owners and breeder friends. I live in Maine and there are lots of ticks. A satisfied customer, Joyce

Thank you! We have been using the Holistic collars for a few years for our three felines on there commendation of Dr. Susan Maier, DVM, in Simpsonville, KY. We are very pleased with the results for our indoor/outdoor kitties. We have also told my mother about them and she is using them for her two kitties, as well. Great product! Thanks again! Deb, Lexington, KY 40511.

Dear Holistic Family and Pets, I am now in my third year of using this collar and am ordering them for Mama's dog friends that visits. Thank you so very much for keeping my furry loved ones safe! Susan from Frankfort, KY

"You will be pleased to hear that our 14 year old Pomeranian, Holly, is free of fleas with your Holistic Pet Flea & Tick Collar. Her skin looked great after her bath last week. Her scratching and itching is gone too. She used to scratch and cry and roll on her back and bite her paws and legs. Now she sleeps like a puppy. Thank you!" Ruth Anderson, Dothan, AL

Our 13 year old dog, "Rusty," got very sick on toxic flea and tick chemicals. I gave him the Holistic Flea & Tick Collar. He loves wearing the collar. Rusty is 100% better. Thank you, Lynda Esterile, Hyannis, MA

The collars arrived Saturday ;-) the collar is just lovely and our Lily loves it. In fact it is her first collar as she is only 5 months old and we have only had her in harnesses. Well, you should have seen her when I had to take it off to adjust it! My oh my I could not have been told any plainer that it needed to be put back on....immediately!;-O Anyway, thank you again for the collars. What a relief to have them and to have an alternative to the horrid "squirt on the neck" stuff. I am so glad that our vet, Dr. Dym, told us about you! My Best, Pat

I just want to let you know that my 2 Golden’s and 4 cats have been wearing your velcro for about 6 weeks, and we have had no ticks. I found one on my Cody last night but it wasn't embedded. You could put Frontline out of business. Would it work on humans to prevent Lyme disease? FYI, we live in NH which has a very high tick population. Mary Kay Sherman

Dear Holistic Family and Pets, For many years I have been using your company's herbal flea and tick collars for my two cats. I am extremely satisfied with the product. Even though I live in Thailand - which has a hot humid climate all year round, very conducive for fleas etc - my cats have remained tick and flea free. Margot

Your flea & tick collars work amazingly well. My dogs would normally pick up 25 to 40 ticks on an average day, using the holistic pet collars has brought the tick count down to one or none. I was thrilled to find a natural alternative to the usual toxic collars and also impressed by their attractiveness. Diane Smith, Veterinarian, Phoenix, Arizona

"I have 3 Staffordshire terriers. Everyday I take them for a walk in the woods. After these walks my dogs would come back with 5 or 10 ticks. Common poisonous repellents didn't work. Then I tried the Holistic Pet Flea & Tick collar. I can't believe the solution could be so simple!" Dr. Ales Vernick, Veterinarian

The collars are fantastic! After reading more about how they work I now know why my sweet senior Ida Mae is so healthy. Thank you for offering such an effective alternative to the toxic chems. A customer for life! Martha South Range, WI

Dear Holistic Family and Pets, My parents have been using your products for years, as advised by their veterinarian. A few months ago, they gave me one of your Buckle Holistic Flea and Tick Collar, and it's working well. I am going to get married this summer, so we will then have three wonderful mid-small sized dogs and a cat, so I checked out your website, but it does not easily give me the option for ordering different colored collars as such. I would like to show my fiancee that you product is effective, and try them out on all of her pets, now. So, can I please get; If it is possible to order these, 1 Pink Buckle Pet Collar, 1 Royal Blue Buckle Pet Collar, 1 Purple Buckle Pet Collar and 1 Red Buckle Pet Collar If it is possible to order these? Most Gratefully, Brian, Science Teacher San Diego, CA

If, you need different collar colors just email us regarding your order! Go green with Holistic Family and Pets Collar ☮ The only one in the world!

Year-round prevention

Fleas, tick and parasites can infect your pet any time of year. The pests may be less prevalent outside during certain times of the year; however, they often survive in the house during the winter months, creating an uninterrupted life cycle. That’s why it’s very important to use
the products to implement a year-round natural protection defense program.


If your question was not answered here, feel free to email  with your question.  medipatchlabs@gmail.com