Creating natural products transforming families and pet’s lives for inspired holistic living. Naturally defending and protecting people, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and horses from pests.

"Celebrating (30+) Years in Business"

Holistic Family and Pets is a health and wellness company providing products for everything you need to naturally defend your family and pets from pests. Every single one of our products is made to our exact quality standards and by expert’s studies to protect your family and pets into becoming healthier, happier, and more peaceful without pest issues. Holistic Family and Pets is (30) years plus of creating natural products for families regarding pet healthcare and still to this day are creating holistic recipes that are safe and non-toxic with no chemicals and no pesticides which last for (3) months.

The technology behind Holistic Family and Pets is very simple. The recipe of herbal blended natural active ingredients to create a repellent pest barrier. Reflected from our science research, for many years, each insect is repelled by certain herbal plants (not essential oils!). The material of the products is embedded with the unique recipe depending upon the product requested for a (100) percent repellent barrier from that specific insect. This technique employed by Holistic Family and Pets is called Bio Herbal Energetics. Herbal energetics terms give us a common language for discussing plants recipes and how we interpret their action outside the body. We use our state of the arts computer tool of programmed natural recipes for matching herbs to pests. Plant vitamins and the trace minerals within the plants guard, through the body field, to the family and pets’ members which assists to repel pests that cause parasites and disease promoting unwanted organisms. The Holistic Family and Pets product natural line helps build the whole immune system of the animal, allowing the body to build its own trace scents to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, and parasites naturally. The Holistic Family and Pet collars must be wrapped in foil during mailing and during storage to protect the product from all Wi-Fi activity and United States Post Office x-rayed non beneficial effects during shipping process. Our holistic products are created with completely natural, chemical free ingredients and are environmentally friendly designed to protect every member of the family and pets. Holistic Family and Pets can change your family and pets’ health care from non-beneficial pests helping pets to live longer and healthier lives.

The path to a truly healthy pet is by protecting them from pests without using chemical/toxic products and by supporting a strong and healthy immune system. Our product ensures good health by using the best natural defense for your family and pets.

High infested pest areas Pet Parents it is important to check a pet regularly and perform frequent full-body inspections using a metal flea & tick comb to check for pests’ activity. Important tick defense note: Tick material products may be placed in a family pillowcase and pets bedding so they receive the remedy when sleeping and this will achieve no tick’s activity during the difficult months.

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Year-Round Prevention

Fleas, tick and parasites can infect your pet any time of year. The pests may be less prevalent outside during certain times of the year; however, they often survive in the house during the winter months, creating an uninterrupted life cycle. This is why it is very important to use the products to implement a year-round natural protection defense program.

Feel free to email any questions: @ Holistic Family and Pets Team will answer you within (72) hours from our lab. Thank you.